Weekly Markets

Weekly Lake George Village Farmers Market

Our weekly market is held in front of Shepherds Park in the center of the Village of Lake George NY; every Wednesday starting in season and lasting for 14 weeks!

Our Weekly Wednesday farmers market, Street Event, & Artisan market, in our findings, vacation spots are challenging with just produce. So our focus is to have a mix of vendors with prepackaged goods such as crafts, herbal drinks, snacks, sweets, spices, drinks, cookies, home-made bread, pet treats, honey, maple syrup, spirits, popcorn, specialty soaps, pet items, cheese, frozen fruit popsicles, and hand made items.

Folks on vacation rarely buy produce because they are in hotels; our farmers bring the fruit of the season such as berries, apples, plums, peaches, grapes, fresh apple doughnuts, apple cider, and a few other great items of interest. Most items can be eaten without cooking, items that you can take out on a boat with you, on your daily walk, etc. Our market has proven successful in attracting great attendance.

We will utilize radio, tv, social media, print, local guidebooks, posters, magazines, street banners, and any other effective media advertising campaigns. We will be utilizing a public relations firm to assist in our media reach besides local and vacationers that are present. We want to drive new traffic for our events, which will effectively be implemented in, NY, NJ, PA, NH, MA, VT, and Canada, within a greater reach of 100 miles plus of events. In our vendor portal, we will post our advertising “if you would like to post to your social media”.

Please fill out the application and send it to our office to be put on our list. No deposits at this point are needed, once you are approved to be a part of our show, we will send you payment information. All our events will have great food attractions, with exciting food tents, vendors, and entertainment while they eat. We will emphasize food, chef demonstrations, and tasting, as we are serious about food promotions, which attract people.