Country Living Festival

We are a local NY-based company focused on promoting festivals and markets only in lake George.

Lake George Country Living festival will be held at – Center Of Village
Shepard Park, Canada Street
Lake George, NY 12845

Saturday & Sunday, June 10th & 11th

Event Hours Are Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm & Sunday Hours are 10 am to 6 pm

The hours on Saturday are 11 am to caption the day trip folks who come down for the day, locals, and folks that are looking for a day event. We are going until 10 pm for all the folks that are out on the lake and doing lake things, folks that are wanting the cooler time to get out. They are still at work and then caption them for an evening event, to come to eat dinner, walk around and enjoy something to do after dinner. We believe events that end between 4 and 6 have a decreased amount of attendance.

Free Admission for attendees, In today’s new economic environment we have to take a different approach in the promotions of our events to maximize attendance; First and foremost, we realized that charging to enter an event restricts attendance, so we do not charge to enter our events, admission is free to all. Secondly, we are working on marketing campaigns that will increase attendance, we created a free raffle pool to award a tier of 3 prizes with a raffle to the attendees. and a surprise gift to all that enter.

Vendors will have a country booth feel, items will include things generally found in the country; crafts, yarn, wool products, clothing made from natural fiber, cowboy boots, leather products, pet essentials, take-home items that can be eaten at home, jams, sauces, baked goods, art, etc. If you have a question about your products please email us at

We will utilize radio, tv, social media, print, local guidebooks, posters, magazines, street banners, and any other effective media advertising campaigns. We will be utilizing a public relations firm to assist in our media reach besides local and vacationers that are present. We want to drive new traffic for our events, which will effectively be implemented in, NY, NJ, PA, NH, MA, VT, and Canada, within a greater reach of 100 miles plus of events. In our vendor portal, we will post our advertising “if you would like to post to your social media”.

Please fill out the application and send it to our office to be put on our list. No deposits at this point are needed, once you are approved to be a part of our show, we will send you payment information.

All our events will have great food attractions, with exciting food tents, vendors, and entertainment while they eat. We will emphasize food, chef demonstrations, and tasting, as we are serious about food promotions, which attract people.

Our sponsors and entertainment will be updated weekly!

Lake George Festivals, Mountain Farmers Markets & Food Festivals, Turmeric Store, Cenzo, Bambaz Foods, Vincent & Steph, Brandon, Hannah & Kyle, and any of our Staff or companies are not affiliated with any other organizations other than our own brands. We do not operate with any other affiliates or any companies out of New York State.

As with any event, you will need a Lake George Village Vendor Permit which is good for the year and any event in the village. So if you’re doing all our shows, weekly market and festivals, or any other event other than ours the permit is good for them all. You only need one, it’s yearly. If you do not have one you can download the form and mail it to our office with a check made out to – Lake George Village for $50 – if you have one please send us proof, a copy is fine (a screenshot, etc).