Our Festivals & Events In Lake George, NY

Apply Today for our 2023 Amazing Festivals!

We are a local NY-based company focused on promoting festivals and markets

Our larger festivals are held at Charles R. Wood Festival Park, Lake George, NY. Our weekly market is held at Shepherds Park in the center of Lake George Village every Wednesday in season for 14 weeks.

In today’s new economic environment, we must take a different approach in the promotions of our events to maximize attendance, first and foremost, we realized that charging to enter an event restricts attendance, so we do not charge to enter our events, admission is free to all.

We will utilize radio, tv, social media, print, local guidebooks, posters, magazines, street banners, and any other effective media advertising campaigns. We will be utilizing a public relations firm to assist in our media reach besides local and vacationers that are present, we want to drive new traffic for our events, which will effectively be implemented in, NY, NJ, PA, NH, MA, VT, and Canada; within a greater reach of 100 miles plus of events. In our vendor portal, we will post our advertising materials.

Please fill out the application and send into our office to be put on our list. No deposit at this point is needed. Once you are approved to be a part of our show, we will send you payment information.

Each event has its own product theme; the country living has to be country-related, and the garlic and pepper festival has to have garlic and pepper-related items and decorated.

Our Christmas show will have outlet deals to attract shoppers, school shopping, and more.

This event is the same weekend as the balloon festival. They launch in the morning and evening, so they will be happy to spend the day shopping after and before the evening launches.

September the weather is amazing so the temperatures will be great to shop, people are still out and about.

Lake George Festivals, Mountain Farmers Markets & Food Festivals, Turmeric Store, Cenzo, Bambaz Foods, Vincent & Steph, Brandon, Hanna & Kyle, and any of our Staff or companies are not affiliated with any other organizations other than our own brands. we do not operate with any other affiliates or any companies out of New York State.